Resort Review: Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Port Orleans Riverside is a Moderate Resort at Walt Disney World.  Themed after the Louisiana bayou, this gorgeous resort has 3 separate room types:

  1. Mansion Rooms
  2. Bayou Rooms
  3. Royal Guest Rooms

When you book a Standard, Garden, or Pool/River View Room you may end up with a Bayou or Mansion room.  You can ask me, your travel agent, to put in a request for the room type you prefer (see pictures below); however, it’s only a request and not a guarantee.  If you book a Preferred room, you will be in the Bayou section.

The Mansions are themed after the Louisiana plantation mansions.  The buildings have large, open green spaces – which as a city girl, I GREATLY appreciate and was a huge factor that made me fall in love with this resort!  The Mansion rooms are light and airy.  Mansion rooms have a bookable King Bed category, and all other Mansion rooms sleep 4 guests, plus one under the age of 3 in a pack and play.  The rooms also have a mini refrigerator, coffee maker and standard bathroom/vanity.

Mansion Building

Mansion Building

2 Queen Beds in a Mansion Room - the bedding is now all white with a decorative runner at the foot of the bed.

2 Queen Beds in a Mansion Room – the bedding is now all white with a decorative runner at the foot of the bed.

Great detail on the headboard

Great detail on the headboard


Mansion table & chairs


The Bayou rooms are themed after the obvious – the bayou!  These rooms are a bit more whimsical and I prefer this look myself.  Something about the wood touches just make it cozy to me!  The buildings are in a more wooded and I feel are more private than the open areas of the Mansions.  These rooms are bookable with a King Bed category, other rooms have 2 queen beds, and still other rooms in the Bayou will have 2 queen beds and a single banquet-style bed.  All rooms can also take a child under the age of 3 in a pack and play.  All rooms have a mini-refrigerator, coffeemaker and standard bathroom/vanity.  If you are a party of 5 (ages 3+) booking Port Orleans Riverside, you will be placed in the Bayou.


2 Queen Beds – the bedding here has also been updated to be all white linens with a decorative runner at the foot of the bed.

Love the detail with a light Princess & the Frog look!

Love the detail with a light Princess & the Frog look!


Single banquet-style bed that will comfortably sleep a child age 9 and under, or someone older but smaller framed.

Bayou table & chairs

Bayou table & chairs


The Royal Guest rooms are located in the Mansion section of the resort and all rooms have 2 queen beds with a max occupancy of 4 guests, and a child under the age of 3 in a pack and play.  The rooms also have the mini-refrigerator, coffee maker and standard bathroom/vanity.  You can book a Royal Guest Room in Standard, Garden or River View.  My family stayed here, in the Royal Guest Rooms.  My son was 5-years old and LOVED the room (so did my husband and I!), it is not overly princess-y, but has a more royal, or regal touch.  The headboards also light up with fireworks, which is always a fun touch!

2 Queen Beds

Click here for an excellent review, with detailed pictures of the Royal Guest Rooms

The resort is fairly large, but walkable.  There are four internal bus stops looping around the resort, so you never have far to walk in order catch a bus to the theme parks.  The buses do sometimes share with the sister resort, Port Orleans French Quarter.  There is a walking path between the resorts and you are welcome to use the amenities from either resort.  There is a beautiful relaxing river the flows through the resort, and boat access to Downtown Disney.

img_2858The resort has a main feature pool with a water slide, and a quiet pool.  There is also a Table Service restaurant (Boatwrights), a food court/Quick Service restaurant (Riverside Mille) and a lounge that has live family-friendly music on the weekends, free of charge.

Be sure to catch a show from Yehaa Bob!

Be sure to catch a show from Yehaa Bob!

This is my favorite Moderate Resort!  I love the overall look and feel of the resort, with it’s attention to detail it feels beyond a typical hotel and I’m transported to another place outside of Florida when I stay here.  I think the food court is excellent and the rooms are very comfortable!  I did not find any bus ride to the parks to be extremely long, I had gone in with the mind-set that it would be making a few stops before leaving the resort.  I am not alone in this being my favorite Moderate.  Out of any other Disney Resort, I have the most guests repeat their visit here!!


  • Very nice price point for the amenities
  • Lots of variety in the room types, depending on what interests you the most
  • The Riverside Mill has a nice variety of food, plus great atmosphere with parts overlooking the river
  • Very relaxing and quiet resort
  • Boat access to Downtown Disney
  • Evening carriage rides available at this resort (additional cost)
  • Pirate adventure cruises available at this resort (additional cost)


  • The bus service does often share with it’s sister resort, and can take longer to leave the property before going onto the parks
  • Some people feel the resort is too large, and prefer a more intimate resort
  • No balconies on the rooms, they all open to open-air hallways (as with the Value and other Moderate Resorts)


Have you stayed at Port Orleans Riverside?  What did you think?

Written by Brook

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