Castaway Cay – Disney’s Private Island

Castaway Cay – also known as paradise – a little slice of heaven! White sand beaches, turquoise waters, palm trees, hammocks and more….

Disney is all about making magical memories happen, and Castaway Cay fits right into this!  This beautiful tropical Bahamian island is absolutely amazing, clean, has a free buffet, and Buy One Get One drinks and smoothies after 3 PM!

Castaway Cay is only for Disney Cruise Line guests, the island is not shared with any other cruise lines or any resorts.   There are two large family beaches along with an adults only (18+) beach. The Youth Clubs move to the beach, so just like on the ship, you can easily have “we time” at the family beach, or “me time” at the adult beach (Serenity Bay).

Here is what you will find at Castaway Cay:

  • 2 Water Play areas: Pelican Plunge with 2 water slides on one of the family beaches, and Spring-a-Leak splash pad for your little ones.
Pelican Plunge - two water slides, water features, spray guns, and more!

Pelican Plunge – two water slides, water features, spray guns, and more!

  • 3 lunch buffet locations: Cookies & Cookies Too on the family beaches, plus one on the adult beach (free lunch)
  • Shopping locations all throughout the island, including local Bahamian gifts and Disney branded items
  • Bars and smoothie stands throughout the island, along with beach side servers so you don’t even have to leave your lounge chair!
  • 20 premium 325-square-foot private, furnished cabanas – located on both the family beach and Serenity Bay (must reserve in advance – very difficult to get, additional cost)
  • 3 additional private, ocean-view massage cabanas at the adults-only Serenity Bay Beach
  • Transportation around the island (there are also walking paths if you prefer)
  • Aside from swimming and sunbathing, there are several family-friendly activities offered throughout the day
  • Disney characters will be out on the island – usually only in the morning, or in the afternoon just before boarding.  Check your Navigator for times and locations.


Things to Know:

  • Your stateroom’s wave phones will work on Castaway Cay
  • You will need your Key to the World card and a picture ID. Your Key to the World card can be used for charges on the island, and you’ll need picture ID to re-board (new regulation from the Bahamian government)
  • The ship remains open for you to easily transfer between the ship and island if needed.
The ship docks right at the island, it's an easy walk on and off.

The ship docks right at the island, it’s an easy walk on and off.

  • You can arrange Port Adventures in advance: stingray interactions, glass-bottom boat tours, biking, parasailing,  fishing and more. (Most people do not arrange all-day excursions on Castaway)
  • If you book parasailing, book a morning excursion, it often gets windier in the afternoon and those tend to get cancelled more often.
  • There are floats for rent – no need to rent in advance, but you can if you’d like to
  • There are wagons, strollers, and sand wheelchairs free of use – first come, first serve. They are located on the island.

Wagon on CC

Fun Facts:

  • There is a snorkeling trail – it’s best to go in the morning, the water can get cloudy from the sand being kicked up.  You will explore a shipwreck, and you might see a Disney friend, or two!
  • You can mail yourself a postcard from the post office! The posts office does operate on island time – meaning it’s not always open, and if it is, it might only be open for a couple hours.  If the post office is closed, you can still mail your post card by using the drop box on the outside of the post office, or by dropping the card off at Guest Services (they have stamps). Letters/postcards mailed from either location will have the Castaway Cay postmark. Delivery takes several weeks.  The post office only accepts cash.
  • There is a 5k held on the island when your ship docks.  There is no charge for this race. Ages 10+ can sign up at Guest Services onboard.  It’s an informal race, but very fun and you will receive a medal for your accomplishment!

Castaway 5k

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Written by Brook

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