Disneyland: How FastPass Works

All guests, on-site or not, can use their park ticket to use the FastPass system.  FastPass is very easy to use and free for all guests!  This article is about using FastPass without MaxPass.

How it Works:

Put your Key to the World card / ticket into the FastPass machine and a ticket stub with a reminder time will come out of the machine.

Picture courtesy of Touring Plans

On the ticket stub you will see a 1-hour time window when to return to the ride.  In the example, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM.  This time is also displayed on a clock above the FastPass machines, so you know if the time will work with any plans you might have before you request one.

When you return to the ride during that designated time window, find the queue marked for FastPass, and then scan your Key to the World card / ticket on the FastPass pole to confirm the FastPass. The Mickey Head on the pole will light up green.  If it’s lights up blue, there is an issue and a Cast Member will assist.

The FastPass lane generally means waiting for 5 minutes or less.

Each person must get their own FastPass, unless they are under 3 and don’t have a ticket.

You can get another FastPass at the time specified on the ticket in smaller print at the bottom.  In the example, you can get another FastPass after 11:15 AM, when the window opens.  Sometimes it’s earlier than your FastPass window.

Written by Brook

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