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Disneyland: Using MaxPass

MaxPass is Disneyland’s new, optional paid, program that allows you to book FastPass reservations through the Disneyland app, versus going to the ride to obtain a FastPass, as described here. How it Works: Overall, MaxPass is very similar to the traditional FastPass system, you just don’t have to walk to the physical ride to obtain a FastPass… Read more »

Disneyland: How FastPass Works

All guests, on-site or not, can use their park ticket to use the FastPass system.  FastPass is very easy to use and free for all guests!  This article is about using FastPass without MaxPass. How it Works: Put your Key to the World card / ticket into the FastPass machine and a ticket stub with a reminder… Read more »

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Disneyland: Touring with the Little Ones

Every age is excellent for the magic of Disneyland!  Sure, at a certain age they may not remember it, but when you see their eyes light up with wonder, YOU will remember it!  Naturally, vacationing with a little one can present a few extra challenges, so here are some tips: Baby Care Centers: An air… Read more »